What Can You Expect?

Addiction has consequences. It can cost you your health, your relationships, your money and in some situations even jail. It is our agencies jobs to hold you responsible for your actions but to also help you address the reasons you committed your crimes.

The #1 concern we have from parents and family members when they seek help for their loved ones stuck in addiction is will they go to jail?

The answer is yes, you may have to go to jail. But 70% of people incarcerated request and receive treatment. Their first steps toward recovery may have been through a prison door but this time helped them break free from their addiction, find support, information, resources and hope.

In Richland County we have several specialized drug courts focused on giving you options to survive your addiction and help you resolve the legal issues your addiction and choices caused. In some cases, your sentences can be reduced, and in qualifying situations, expunged, with your compliance and completion of the drug court programs.

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