Responding to Addiction in Richland County Town Hall – Shelby Local Schools

A Local Town Hall to Discuss how our community is providing local help and local hope for those impacted by addiction.

Introduction: Tim Tarvin – Shelby City Schools Superintendent

Hidden in Plain Sight Presentation: CACY – Community Action for Capable Youth

Recovery Speaker: Ashley Coy

Interdiction & Diversion: Shelby Police Department, Sgt – Aaron Bushey

NARCAN Training: Dr. Joe Bocka

Richland County Resources: Joe Trolian

Family Advocacy & Support: Chaplain Dan Gates – Shelby Police Department

Panel Q&A

This Town Hall was made possible through the METRICH COSAP grant in coordination by the Richland Mental Health & Recovery Services Board, The Richland County Opiate Board and their partners and affiliates.

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