Opiate Review Board of Richland County Ohio

The RICHLAND COUNTY OPIATE BOARD is a unique broad-based collaboration of people from the treatment, enforcement, and judicial professions. It was formed to develop a proactive response to the Opiate Crisis in Richland County by people who are committed to the reduction of the fatal consequences of opiate abuse through education, response teams, and assistance in finding treatment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a system that allows the resident in need to effectively connect with and complete the opiate addiction recovery system in Richland County.

Our Goals

  1. To better understand the nature of the opiate problem through comprehensive information sharing between members of the board.
  2. To develop innovative proactive responses to the population of Richland County.
  3. To focus limited enforcement and intervention activities on identifiable risks. This is to include prevention and community education/awareness.

This website provides information, insight and most importantly connection to the help and hope available in Richland County, Ohio.

Two items you may want to download now to have on hand are; the Richland County 1 Pager, a simple document listing Richland counties addiction and mental health services and the Opiate Task Force Recovery Packet you can download here Opiate Task Force Recovery Packet

We will continue to update and add materials to help you, your loved ones, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

To help you become familiar with our local services we will regularly share about the members of the Opiate Review Board and how they serve you. Meet METRICH in our next post.

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